Silky Oatmeal Deep Cleaner

All the cosmetics you need you can find in your kitchen or in the nature. Everything you make with the recipes I share here is fully edible.

Prepare these the moment before applying and only in quantities you use at once as they lose their value quickly.

This Silky Oatmeal Deep Cleaner takes only a moment to mix and leaves your skin feeling fresh, soft and renewed.

You can use this once a year for delicate skin and once every month or every other month for normal and oily skin. This replaces any peeling products you may be using and doubles as a moisturizer. For feet you may even do it once a week.

If you like you can grind the oats and use the flour instead. This will feel gentler against the skin.

You will need:

rolled oats – the kind you`d use in a porridge

cream, milk or water

Whether you use water, milk or cream and how rich the cream should be depends on how dry your skin is. The drier the skin the richer the cream. If your skin is oily, use light cream or water. You can also use vegan milks and creams. When choosing cream and milk pick the one that is the most natural and the least a product of complicated factory work.

If you can get water fresh from a clean spring, soft water lake or river, that would be best. If you can`t, use filtered water.

If you`re only going to use this cleaner on your face and neck you need about 1-3 soup spoons full of oats and just a little liquid to make a thick paste.

If you`re going to treat yourself to a full body mask you will need about 1-3 dl of oats depending on your size (1-1,5 dl of oat flour) and enough liquid to form a thick paste.

Before applying the paste put your hair up and cover with a towel so it won`t get sticky.

Gently apply the paste on your face, neck and rest of the body. To save yourself from cleaning later, it`s best to do that in the bath or shower cabin. If you like you can keep the paste on for 2-15 minutes. Then wash it off with water.

Any leftover clean paste you can mix into cookie or bread dough:)

Enjoy your simple luxurious home spa experience!


Share your wisdom. Which kitchen basics have you used as cosmetics?