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I`m Ingrid and this is where I share my musings and the tips I`ve gathered on creating a haven. Look around, make yourself at home and do leave comments or write to me personally at ivooglaid(at)gmail.com 🙂

I`m Catholic and I love to read, knit, weave and walk in the nature.

I live in Estonia and love the four full seasons we get here along with large areas of pure nature:)

In 2005 I discovered the option of home education and even though I didn`t have children of my own and still don`t, I became an advocate of raising children at home in Estonia. For that I joined other similarly minded people and we founded The Estonian Center for Home Education. Organizing conferences and gatherings for families interested in home educating their children, counselling parents and writing articles we achieved in the first few years that Estonia now has one of the finest home education laws in Europe and general awareness in society is raising.

Along with home education I discovered many other ideas related to human and nature friendly living and started to dream about living in an eco-village. You can read about my dream here. While I have met many people that have similar dreams and we have looked at potential areas for the village, this is still a dream.

For me, all ideas and movements related to human and nature friendly living ultimately come back to and stand on home. Since I was a teenager I have savoured books about home and family and made notes for my home and life. At the age of 13 my favorite magazine was the biggest home and family magazine in Estonia and I enjoyed reading about taking care of babies and how other families lived. I knew that one day I`m going to write a book and most likely it will be about home.  But I believed that to write a book I`d have to have tons of life experience and for that  I`d need to be at least 50 years old. This left an empty feeling in me as I didn`t have any idea what I was supposed to do until then.  So, the summer of 2010 I decided that since sharing what I know with others is the best way for me to create clarity in my head and to actually see myself what I already know, I`m going to hold an e-course. Three courses later I gathered the materials into an e-book in Estonian and still a while later offered it to a publisher. Now I`m re-writing and expanding it to be published on paper.

I`m very much a beginner in photography so perhaps you can forgive the quality of photos here while I learn the basics.

If you feel we could work together or just get to know each other, don`t hesitate to write to me at ivooglaid(at)gmail.com. I look forward to reading your letter:)

If you like it here, you can also connect with me on Facebook and follow me on Pinterest.

A prayer request

If there is still room in your prayer list, please pray that I may meet my husband and the father of my children very soon. Thank you! 🙂

If there is something I can pray for you, don`t hesitate to let me know.

May you be blessed!



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